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If you are looking in a non-crowded, quiet beach, the Longboat Key beach might be ensure. Located south of Anna Marie Island and north of Lido Key, Longbeach is a long, soft, white-sandy beach front. The Gulf of Mexico lies on the west side for the island, and Sarasota Bay is on your east adverse. At Beer Can Island, located at the northern tip of Longbeach, is a curved sandy bar gives shelter for boaters. Beachfront condominiums, resorts, and beachfront estates line the beautiful and pristine ocean fishing holes.

This estuary is here is where hula Fort Myers Beach Restaurants abundant sea life. Sport fishermen come here for snook, redfish, trophy tarpon, grouper, snapper, shark and dozens of other variety. Waterfowl and shore birds inhabit the location in signifigant amounts along with manatee nicely smaller population of alligators. Fresh Gulf shrimp would be the best all of the world and Southwest Florida’s delicious stone crab are normally found no where else.

The highest recorded temperature for Gainesville for fat loss products . 22 years in January was 83 degrees Fahrenheit, while doesn’t come with high temperature is 66.2. The lowest measured temperature in Gainesville for finally 22 years in January was 10, while the typical low recorded temperature is 42.4.

A great reason to take a hotel a fort myers beach vacations in January or February end up being see the manatees. The right place to view them would certainly be Manatee Park at 10901 State Road 80. The Florida Power and Light plant is across the. FPL heats up the water and in the cooler months, the manatees herd over the warmer water – much like people do in a hot bath. It’s open year round, but there exists a gift shop open on weekends and through season. Parking is $1 per moment. I find that the best to be able to see them is first thing in the morning, or maybe if it’s really cold outside, it’s a wonderful place optimum picnic.

Most that take a Fort Myers Beach Vacations really wouldn’t like to spend any times inside. So after you’ve spent time at the beach, or even the wildlife areas, why not spend the evening in the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track? It’s located inside of Bonita Beach area, engaged in Lee County. Schedules are different depending when of a few days. It only costs $2 to go into and kids under 12 are totally. Once you’re in, you can sit and watch the races live in advance of you, they also have dog and horse races on the telly that are going on various other parts of the us. You can get a fancy meal at the club restaurant or much more affordable hotdog, hamburgers, nachos and soft drinks at normal concession.

With the Red Sox coming in town, games begin February 25th at 1:05, and lasts until April 4, 2007. Check here for a list out of Red Sox Spring Training games.

If you might be a little north in the Punta Gorda area, The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce always be hosting a Cinco de Mayo margarita tour. The tasting tour will go to 12 bars and fort myers beach florida in explore 2011’s best margarita and Mexican appetizers in urban center. Tickets are $20 and are purchased in advanced.