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On Estero Island, Florida

Two men were arrested after Collier County Sheriff’s Office say they were caught illegally hunting on County Road 858.

Yoandry Quevedo-Ayala, 31, and Pedro Leal-Pavon, 40 were arrested on charges of violation of Florida code pertaining to hunting regulations and unlawful to take or kill a deer, fawn, or antlerless deer during open season.

On September 22, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office received a call about two Hispanic males hunting from the roadway on County Road 858 in Collier County. The two men were hunting out of a black Nissan Frontier pickup truck. The males were later identified as Quevedo-Ayala and Leal-Pavon, according to a Collier County report.

The deputy watched the two males from a concealed area. The driver hit the brakes, stop in the road, and turn off all the lights on the pickup truck.

According to a Collier County report, the deputy said he saw one male dragging a deer and the driver got out to help place the deer into the bed of the truck and drive off. The deputy alerted another deputy to pull Quevedo-Ayala and Leal-Pavon over.

When that deputy approached the pickup truck there were three dead whitetail deer in the bed of the truck and two doe deer and one button buck. The buck did not meet the required antler restrictions of three points on one side and a 10-inch main beam, according to a Collier County report.

Quevedo-Ayala and Leal-Pavon were taken to Naple Jail Center.